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Health & Wellness Program

Our personalized on-line program will help you manage your health from many directions and is available through our online app.

Member\Patient Advocacy

We are ready to assist you with a question about your benefits. Making your ability to access and understand your services is what we do, health care options

"Second Opinion" Services

In many instances a plan of treatment diagnosis can often benefit from a second opinion.  Some programs will provide these services at no additional cost. Take take your health for granted.



Convenient and effective for many medical services Telehealth provides you access to a doctor by telephone.  In many cases the doctor can prescribe needed Rx prescriptions.

WorldMeds Rx

A world of savings is available through a international network of FDA pharmacies. Brand and generic medications shipped direct to your door in up to a 90 day supply.

Electronic Records Vault

This service helps you manage your medical records through a on line safe deposit box and can provide personal identification. You personal QR code can   identify you or your loved one when you can't!